This Buddha figure is totally unique. The wooden statue is hand carved in tamarind wood. The wooden sculptor is a very talented Master sculptor from the Angkor Temples region. The finishing of the image is made with a homemade oil painting. This oil painting is made by us, from natural raw material.  After several layer of this unique oil painting; we are applying 7 to 10 layers of natural vegetable lacquer. The next step is the gilding of the statue with gold leafs by Mater Artisans, it take several days to apply carefully the gold on each parts of the piece. We apply a final layer of natural vegetable lacquer; and when it still sticky, we coat the statue with thin refined clay. That is ow we can get our unique finish. Each piece are processed during many weeks to get this unique piece of Art. Each pieces are different, as the result of an Artistic handmade process.