What is Handmade Ceramics?

Handmade Ceramics & Crockery:

Our genuine ceramics & crockery are handmade treasures, and no two pieces are alike. There is no perfect handmade ceramics. At Khmer Ceramics, you are shopping perfect imperfections. Even in the finest pieces there will be differences. Our ceramics are made from natural raw materials, and are not made by machines. They are made by human hands; hours, days, and even months. Slight differences in color, shape, and finish either by nature or the artisan’s hand-make will occurs, and it’s unique!

Made from natural raw materials:

Due to the inherent nature of materials, natural variances in texture and color are to be expected and celebrated, making each piece unique.

Our Quality Control:

Our quality control is always very serious; the handmade label is not an excuse to give all and whatever to our customers. Each piece is inspected. Piece with any compromised integrity will be ejected (Quality control refused). Piece with non-aesthetically imperfection are ejected. Piece with imperfection too far from the original item are sold on another reference.

Each of our ceramics & crockery has a soul, they found their soul in the perfects imperfections of Mother Nature.