KHMER CERAMICS brand is the handwork results from a team of passionate and talented craftspeople. KHMER CERAMICS combines functionality that meets international quality standards with elegance. That can only be achieved through exquisite hand-crafting. All products from the catalog are branded with the KHMER CERAMICS name. This reflecting as a leading social and environmentally responsible enterprise. KHMER CERAMICS prefers focusing on handmade dinnerware and crafted products. This offer opportunities to local craftspeople, generate sustainable and fair employment. Consequently, this provides a more equal distribution of wealth and help support the local community.

KHMER CERAMICS handmade dinnerware is unique: inspired by the past, looking to the future.

Quality and Reliability

All KHMER CERAMICS products are delicately crafted by hand using artisanal techniques. In addition, the products surpassing all international quality standards. Their extreme durability, strength and resistance ensures they are practical and functional. As well as elegant and decorative, enabling them to be used for any purpose.
Furthermore, with KHMER CERAMICS custom orders department, the products can be personalized especially for you.

Reliable handmade dinnerware

Handmade Dinnerware with Soul

Since KHMER CERAMICS products continue a long tradition of artisanal pottery. This maintaining the soul of the art in each unique piece. Modern quality standards are guaranteed, but no automated. Indeed, robotic processes are not involved in the production of KHMER CERAMICS products. This ensuring that each piece is an exceptional hand-crafted work of art.
Behind each product is an artisan who personally signs the fruit of their hard work. This process ensures the continuity of centuries-old traditions. At the same time, this providing an opportunity for dozens of craftsman to live from their art, develop their skills and careers, and support their families.
While the incorporation of modern machinery and mass-manufacturing processes would lower production costs and generate higher profit margins. We consider that such an evolution is unwelcome within our strategy of developing a social enterprise.

Close to Nature

Each element of the KHMER CERAMICS collection represents a small piece of nature. This proximity to Mother Nature is paramount to be able to select the best quality raw materials. Consequently, this respecting the environment, the sustainability of resources and the health and welfare of the local community.
KHMER CERAMICS products represent excellence in tableware and handmade ceramics.

Handmade tableware celabration

A Reason for Celebration

A dinner is a celebration – a meeting between family, friends and neighbors. Each dinner is a unique moment with unique people, unique chefs and unique tableware. Each KHMER CERAMICS item brings its own touch of personality and happiness to your table. KHMER CERAMICS products are a distinguishing presence at your table, where we are honored to be represented.
In conclusion with our KHMER CERAMICS brand, we will enlighten your celebration and help make it a special moment, enhancing the experience for guests and improving the culinary and festive experience.