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Elephant Mug ø7Cm/3″ | Mekong Blue


Each Elephant mug is handmade and hand chiseled and carved, making from it a unique piece. Master artisans chisels the elephant head to give it a very unique expression. As each item is hand carved, they are quiet unique. The glaze is a the fruit of our researches regarding ancient Khmer glazes.

Quantity discounts
1-8 $13.00
9+ $11.70


The basic shape of the mug is made by skilled Potters from Angkor Wat’s region. The elephant head is an appliqué by hand during the manufacturing process. The elephant is carved and chiseled by a master potter. As each piece is made by hand and fully hand carved; each piece is very unique.

Additional information

Weight0.37 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 14 cm
Glaze Color


Product type




300 ml


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