Organisation of the 1st International Khmer Ceramics Festival (IFCF)

We organized the 1st International Khmer Ceramics Festival (IFCF).

Ancient Khmer Ceramics: New Archaeological Findings, Production and the Revival of Techniques

This conference aims to bring together Cambodian and international scholars specialized in ancient Khmer ceramics, with contemporary potters and craftsmen working in the revival of ancient production techniques. The objective is to raise awareness of the archaeological importance of ancient Cambodian ceramics and the new opportunities for sustainable economic development in the region through ceramic technology. Scholars based in Southeast Asia are especially encouraged to participate.

Conference Advisory Committee:

  • Dr. Dougald O’Reilly, Chair (Founder & Director heritage watch)
  • Prof. John Miksic (N.U.S – National University of Singapore)
  • Mr. Chhay Rachna (Archaeologist with Apsara Authorities)
  • Dr. Philippe Peycam (Founder & Director Center for Khmer Studies)
  • Mr. Serge Rega (Founder & Director N.C.K.C.R – National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival)

Conference Ancient Khmer Ceramics:

New Archaeological Findings, Production and the Revival of Techniques.

Main Themes

  • Economics of ceramics in Ancient Cambodia.
  • Craft and production in ancient Cambodia.
  • Appraising and typology of ancient Khmer ceramics.
  • Chronology of Khmer ceramics.
  • Revitalization of ceramic production in Cambodia.
  • Contemporary ceramic production and slowing the illicit trade of antiquities


Thursday, December 13, 2007:
13:30 – Optional visit to two ancient Khmer sites
19:00 – Cocktail

Friday, December 14, 2007:

08:00 – Registration in front of conference hall
08:30 – Opening of the Conferences Philippe Peycam, CKS Director, & Mr. Serge Rega, NCKCR

Part I – New Perspectives in our Understanding of Ancient Ceramics

Panel 1 – Economics of ceramics in Ancient Cambodia.

08:40 – “Food for Thought: Cylindrical jars in the Bayon bas-reliefs” Coral Carlson – Northern Illinois University, Graduate student
8:55 “Representations of ceramics on Khmer temples” Dr. Aedeen Cremin – Australian National University, Visiting fellow – Presented by Jane Calthorpe, Australia.
9:10 “When Khmer met Chinese ceramics: Traditions and technological choices of ancient Khmer stoneware”
Ms. Sharon Wong Wai Yee – National University of Singapore, Southeast Asian Studies Programme Ph.D candidate.
9.25 “New data on the distribution of Khmer ceramics kilns” Mr. Ea Darith – APSARA National Authority, Angkor Conservation Office, Researcher
9:40 “Pottery of Sre Ampil Archaeological Site” Mr. Phon Kaseka – Royal Academy of Cambodia, Researcher
Questions and discussion. Moderator: Dougald O’Reilly, Heritage Watch.
10:00 Tea Break

Panel 2 – Craft and production in ancient Cambodia and mainland South East Asia.

10:30 “Some new data on the technique of Khmer stonewares” Dr. Armand Desbat – Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Director of Research.
10:50 “Khmer ceramic technology from Thnal Mrech Kiln 02, Phnom Kulen” Mr. Chhay Rachna – APSARA Authority, Archaeologist
11:10 “A pilot study of elemental analysis on Angkorian ceramics” Ms. Edna Wong – University of Sydney, Doctoral student
11:40 Questions and discussion. Moderator: Dr. John N. Miksic, National University of Singapore.
12:00 Buffet Lunch

Panel 3 – Appraisal, typology and chronology of ancient Khmer ceramics.

14:00 “Pre-Angkorian earthenware ceramics at Wat Bo, Siem Reap” Ms. Jane Calthorpe – University of Sydney, Greater Angkor Project, Independent project researcher
14:15 “Pre-Angkorian earthenware ceramics at Wat Bo, Siem Reap: Background information relating to the collection” Kesornicole Pen – Royal University of Fine Arts, Archaeologist
14:30 “Prasat Ban Phluang ceramics re-visited” Dr. Roxanna Brown – South East Asian Ceramics Museum, Bangkok, Director
14:45 “Circular earthworks’ potsherds” Mr. Chanthourn Thuy – Royal Academy of Cambodia, Lecturer
15:00 “Memotien pottery and other ceramic objects” Heng Sophady – Memot Centre for Archaeology, Country Director, and Department of Archaeology and Prehistory, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Deputy Director.
15:15 Questions and discussion. Moderator: Mr. Phon Kaseka, Royal Academy of Cambodia.
15:30 Tea Break

Part II – Revitalization of ceramic production in Cambodia: A way to combat the illicit trade of antiquities, and to generate economic growth.

16:00 – “The reconstruction of Thnarl Mrech kiln” Mr. Serge Rega – Founder and director of National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival, Ceramist Master
16:20 “Wood firing for vitrified ceramics” Janet Mansfield – Ceramic Art and Perception, Ceramics Technical magazines, Ceramist.
16:40 “A Potter’s Point of View – ‘Evidence of the Hand’” – Mr. Alan Lacovetsky
The University of Manitoba, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Manitoba Craft Council, Artist and Teacher
17:00 “Changes in Dankwean that brought about ceramic development” – Prof. Louis Katz – Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Professor of Art (Ceramics) and Suwanee Natewong, Umdang Ceramics, Ceramist
17:20 “Antiquities theft and sustainable development” Klaus Rominger – The University of Nottingham, U.K.
Presented by Dougald O’Reilly, Heritage Watch.
17:40 Questions. Moderator: Professor Louis Katz, Texas A&M University.
17:55 Discussion on prospective collaborations. Moderator: Dr. Philippe Peycam, director, CKS.
18:25 Closing by Dr. Philippe Peycam, CKS.

Saturday December 15, 2007:

08:30 -Visit to the ceramics workshop and ancient kiln reconstruction at the National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival.
10:30 – Visit of ceramics exposition in the venerable house – Wat Bo.


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