Art Sculpture Challenge Siem Reap April 2020

ទំព័រជាភាសាខ្មែរr  Version Française Make us DREAM, make ART!

From 13 to 16th April 2020 – Results on 18th April 2020

Hello secret potters and artists, stuck in Siem Reap for Khmer New Year? Looking for some fun in isolation? Participate for FREE in our sculpture challenge, unleash your hidden talents and win PRIZES.

Is it all for free? Yes, and WIN PRIZES !

Art will be judged across 5 categories, and awarded as follows:

#1: $75 gift voucher for purchases at Khmer Ceramics shop.
#2: $50 gift voucher for purchases at Khmer Ceramics shop.
#3: $25 gift voucher for purchases at Khmer Ceramics shop.
#4: $25 gift voucher for purchases at Khmer Ceramics shop.
#5: Free 2 wrap kebabs & 2 drinks at EASTanbul Restaurant, Siem Reap

image challenge april 2020


You can collect your fired Artwork for FREE
to pick up between
22nd & 24th April 2020 4 pm.

All is FREE of charge.
How it works:

  • Between April 13 and 16, come to Khmer Ceramics Centre and pick-up one 500g bag of clay per participant.
  • Take it home, put your imagination to work and make a statue, sculpture or anything else. (If instead you prefer to use our open air workshop (FOR FREE), please let us know in advance so we can arrange space to ensure social distancing is respected.)
  • Give your art a name! And let it dry for a couple of hours in the open air.
  • Return your artwork to Khmer Ceramics before 4pm on April 16.
  • We will fire all the submitted pieces in our kiln on Friday April 17.
  • We will open the kiln at 9am on Saturday April 18.
  • The fired pieces will be judged by the Khmer Ceramics team from 10am the same day and the winners announced in the garden of Khmer Ceramics Centre, and on our Facebook page.


– The Challenge is FREE, there is no charge for participating.
– The Challenge is open to everyone from 3 to 99 years of age.
– Only one submission per participant.
– Pieces submitted after the deadline of 4pm, April 16, will be excluded.

Use your imagination and, most importantly, have fun!

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