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Pottery Class Booking Form:

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F.A.Q / Frequently asked question about pottery classes:

How many pot I will make?
You will make 5 pots in total. 3 pots with a teacher and 2 pots on your own (a teacher can still assist you if you wish).
How many pots I can take home?
Our Cambodian pottery Class includes 1 fired piece. If you wish more than 1 piece we charge $5 USD per extra piece.
What you will do with the pot we did not take?
The other pots made during the class will be recycled and the clay will be reused for other projects.
When will I get my pot?
The firing process to make your piece functional is long. We will fire the piece during the night and the next day. Your pot will be ready and functional the day after your class around 5pm.
Can we make the pottery class if we leave in the same day?
Yes of course! The piece you made during the class will be available the next day around 5pm.  We can ship the piece to your country. 2 We can ship the piece in Cambodia free of charge if you still in our country. We can replace your piece with one from our shop instead.
Can I choose the color for my pot ?
All pottery class pieces are glazed with a tradition green celadon glaze. This is the unique color available.
Can my pot break during the firing?
Yes, this might happen. If your pot break during the firing process. We have several options available: If you have time we invite you to try again (free of charge). If you do not have time, we replace your piece with one from our shop (a product under $10 USD)
Can we take something in the shop if we do not take our pot?
Yes of course! You can choose any product under $10 USD
Can we come without Booking?
We strongly recommend you to book so you will be sure to have space available for you. We also can provide free pick-up and drop-off service if you book in advance.
Do we need to pay the teacher for our class?
No, you do not need to add extra money for your teacher.
Can you ship our pot to our country ?
Yes of course! We will charge additional shipping cost to ship your pots. The costs vary according to the country.
Can we share a class?
Our classes cannot be shared.
How long is the class duration?
The class generally takes around 1.45h.
Can I take my piece home without firing it?
Yes of course, but your piece will be fragile and nonfunctional.
can I start the class any time ?
Almost, we have a session at 8am, 10am,12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm (note: no combo session at 6pm)
Can I come to learn for few day in your center ?
Yes of course! If you can to come learn for several days have a look to our potter’s privilege card. This option gives amazing discount on our class.