Pottery Classes and Ceramics Painting Activities

With Our Classes and activities in Siem Reap you will have fun with us and go home with what you make.

Hands on clay

Pottery Class $25

With our ‘Pottery Classes and activities in Siem Reap, you will learn to make the Angkorian bowl with us and use the potter’s wheel. After you finish make your bowls on the wheel, you will add Khmer carving with our teacher to make it more unique. You will use the special carver / potter’s tools.

Painting Activity

Ceramic Painting $25

With our ”Painting activity” you will learn to use the potter’s painting tools and learn ceramics painting techniques. You can draw, paint and design on embossed or smooth mugs. Including many samples, stamps, stencils, and pattern books to help you realize you piece of Art.

Want more FUN? Combine our ceramics activities!

Hands on clay
Painting Activity
Hands on clay
Quad adventure

Pottery Class + Painting on Pottery $50

Get you full potter experience! Combine our pottery class and our pottery painting. Take around 4h. You will learn to make the Angkorian bowl with us and use the potter’s wheel and learn ceramics painting techniques with confirmed Cambodian master potters.

Quad Easy Ride + Pottery Class $55

Take a trip with Quad Adventure Cambodia and see how much more there is to Siem Reap than Angkor Wat and the Bayon. Our quads are well maintained and are a safe. It is a fun way to see the surrounding countryside after a Clay Class. Get a real insight into this beautiful country and its friendly people. All safety equipments are provided.

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