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Company Introduction

Khmer Ceramics is a handmade tableware supplier and manufacturer. The company is located in Cambodia and follows the SA 8000® international standard. 95% of the factory’s production is exported, mainly to the US, European and Australian markets.

The factory includes its own clay extraction division, clay processing, mold manufacturing, glaze laboratory, research and development lab and design studio, as well as multiple different production lines.

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The Brand

A dinner is a celebration; a meeting between family, friends or relations. Each dinner is a unique moment with unique peoples, unique Chef and unique tableware.

KHMER CERAMICS handmade dinnerwares are quiet unique worldwide; inspired by the past, viewing to the future.

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Custom Made Ceramics

Khmer Ceramics engineers, technicians and craftsmen are able to transform almost all your projects into reality. The custom pottery department includes crockery, sculptures, or any other decorative ceramics such as vase, soap holder, piggy banks and so on.

Prototypes for customized pottery can be created from drawings, computer file, replicas of existing articles or from broken pottery. Different type of clay can be used (sandstone, terracotta, porcelain, etc.) with differents type of glazes as well.

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