How you can help and make a difference

Buying our products:

– By buying our products for your own use
– Buying our products for resale

Donating to the project:

The Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre provides free training for young disadvantaged people. You can support these programs, and every dollar you donate will make a difference. Visit us to see our work in progress and support our efforts, or provide a donation by bank transfer or online. No matter how large or small, your contribution will have an impact.

How your donation will be used:

Any contribution will help, and the following examples provide an idea of the impact your donation will have:

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$ 50 =
$ 200 =
$ 335 =
$ 8,000 =

$ 25,000 =

[/one_fifth] Housing for a trainee learning and/or working in Siem Reap for one month.
Career development training for a young trainee for 1 month.
Health insurance for an artist, a trainee, or worker and 2 family members for 1 year.
Improvement of training and work environment; by adding major infrastructure development following the need of the moment (Daycare for children, filter press, canteen, pugmill,…)
Development of a new product line with huge impact on the future growth of the project.

All donations will be used to directly improve our training programmes, and the quality of life of our trainees, workers and artists.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Another way to contribute is through corporate sponsorship.
Your sponsorship will provide jobs to Cambodian artists from difficult social and economic backgrounds, and financially support the Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre where they train. In exchange you will be able to position your brand image and corporate social responsibility values in Cambodia and beyond.
Download the Corporate Sponsorship package for more information, or e-mail the director of strategic development.

Ownership and Investors:

The centre was founded in 2006 with the mission to use the knowledge and experience of the founder to revive the lost art of Khmer ceramics, and to provide employment, training and opportunities for villagers in an area with limited economic activity. Since 2006 the Khmer Ceramics & Fine Centre is legally Cambodian-owned.

We are currently seeking socially responsible investors to provide financial support and contribute to the growth of the social enterprise. Investors will be members of the board and will commit to allocating 100% of their dividends to the social project and organisation.

More broadly, we are also seeking contributions from individuals, institutions or corporate investors who can help us improve our knowledge about training and business practices in order to drive forward the project and ensure a brighter future for our trainees and workers.