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Dear Partners & friends,

We are very glad to let you know that we have developed a very efficient team of Artistic Designers. Right now we have news coming out from the kilns very often; and we want to share all those news with you.
We have create a special channel to share all the news from our Artistic Designers.
When published on this channel, main of the news are not yet linked to one of our collection, it is material to help you create your own collections and designs.
Some of the news will be in your style, some not; it is a news channel like it comes out from the first step production kilns.
Frequency of the news: the number of news is depending about finished results we have from our Artistic Designers.

Within this channel, you will receive fully tested and ready for production information only.

We are releasing time by time alert about news to whom is interested about it; if you want to be add on this list feel free to contact us info(at)
Wish you a great day.

Kind regards,