1kilo 1dollar khmer ceramics

Spring has arrived in Cambodia.

Which means the temperature has risen from a balmy 30C to a sweltering 40C, and we’re celebrating the oven-like conditions by cleaning out our pottery workshop – and sweating off a little excess weight in the process!

After a great winter season, we’re offering massive discounts on many handmade ceramic items to open up some space and get ready for exciting new products coming down the production line – including an entirely new collection!

Artisanal plates, bowls, mugs, boxes and even some special pieces are being discounted and Sale by Kilo ONLY Saturday and Sunday (March 26 and 27).

Most of our Spring Sale items are left over from large orders: we always produce more than clients ask to cover possible breakages and production problems and, rather than letting the excess items go to waste, we’re selling them cheap. Other items have minor defaults, and some pieces we simply found hiding in the back of the store room.

So come by our main shop on the Temple Road to pick up some great ceramic tableware and pottery pieces at hugely discounted prices!