In 2009, we transformed the project to reach self sustainability, Core and mission of the project still the same. The project was branded as “Khmer Ceramics * Fine Arts Centre”; and on the other hand, we developed a marketable range of Ceramics and translucent porcelain. As our knowledge is quiet unique and well mastered by Cambodia artisans we have the opportunity to be present on high ends market 5+ stars hotels and top range shops worldwide. This profit to artisans working with us, to our project, and to the global image of Cambodia, as majority of our product is exported.

Vocational Training, personal empowerment, and knowledge.
We offer free vocational training for disadvantaged Cambodians; trainees have a salary during their training. At the term of the training, the craftsmen have the opportunity to get a position at the Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre if she/he wants.

Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre offer nice opportunities for artisans and trainees from Angkor’s region and in Cambodia through our rural workshops. The company follows a model axed on the well being of the peoples, and the mastering of Art and knowledge, making the company successful.