The founding of The National Centre for Khmer Ceramics Revival (NCKCR).

An event: N.C.K.C.R is now ready to train a new generation of potter.

The founder, passionate about ceramics, was leading researches on Cambodian Ancient ceramics techniques and glazes since 1999. The Centre was founded in 2006; during our researches and experiments outskirts of Siem Reap-Angkor town, many Cambodia from this disadvantaged area showed us an interest about our work regarding ceramics. The project started by itself, combining the need and will from Cambodian to discover their roots and artistic knowledge, and the will of the founder to transfer his knowledge.

Revive the fully disappeared art of Ceramics and porcelain in Cambodia; working with people from disadvantaged areas to spread this knowledge. This is a win win situation allowing people with low educational background to take a part of the profit make by the touristic development of their own region.

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