Lotus Jewel Box

This box shaped as a lotus flower is a traditional design. The lotus plant has a very special meaning in Buddhism and especially the lotus flower is one of the 8 sacred objects. It symbolizes purity: while growing in mud, its blooms and leaves never become dirty. In Buddhism this all symbolizes the development of the soul from the material plain through the waters of experience to the full light of the enlightenment.

Hand made on the potter wheel, and delicately chiseled by hand, each box is unique piece taking very long time to make it; however due to its shape and the contact length between the lid and the body, we have a high average of lost during the firing. The glaze is the Celadon glaze, fruit of our researches regarding ancient Cambodian glazes, fired at 1300°C.

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Lotus Jewel Box

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 10 cm
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