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Elephant Jar

opzione iq registrazione account VIP This reproduction of this jar was made for the 2008 international conference, regarding Khmer Ceramics Arts, to support the presentation of Dr. Dawn Rooney, in memoriam of the curator of the ‘’Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum’’. The reproduction is at original size. The lively and whimsical decoration of this jar is characteristic of Khmers wares produced during this period. Completely handmade, making from each a unique and non reproducible piece. The base of the elephant is a jar hand thrown on a potter wheel; head, pawns, tails and decoration are appliqué during the drying. The jar is hand carved during long days. Realization by hand, with ancestral technique of such a piece proves a complete mastery of the ceramics process. The green glaze is a wood ash glaze, fruit of the ‘’Khmer Ceramics Centre’’ researches regarding ancient Khmer glazes; fired at 1300°C-2400°F .

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 33 x 29 x 33 cm
Glaze Color

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