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During Kbach Decoration.
Ceramics Art Lesson Plan:
Kbach Decoration and design
English – January 2010
During my recent trip to The Kingdom of Cambodia, I had an opportunity to make work and interact with several Khmer potters at the National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival (NCKCR) in Siem Reap. While there, I learned more about the approach to three dimensional surface decorations unique to the Khmer culture.

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Clay on the Wheel!
National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival (NCKCR)
July 2007

NCKCR is involved in Vocational training, which helps the poor rural population and will decrease poverty. Training is provided free of charge. Students are given an allowance to compensate for ‘lost’ time, which would otherwise be spent earning a living. Vocational training includes working with clay, but also technical skills, such as building a potter’s wheel, a kiln, tools etc.
A student finishing a vocational training session with NCKCR must be able to establish his/her own studio

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Bisque Tea Set.
Cambodia International Ceramic Festival
Kamboçya Uluslararasi Seramik Festivali
January 2009
A festival targeting promoting Far Eastern ceramics, especially the antique Khmer ceramic forms was held in Siem Rap December 10-12, 2008 at the skirts of Cambodian Angkor Wat Temple.

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Khmer potter charging ceramics kiln at the center.
The first art of fire
December 2014
Once upon a time, or somewhere in the vicinity of 10,000 years ago, Neolithic man hit upon a rather novel idea. ‘No more this nomadic life, ’mused our big-browed ancestor, noting the calluses erupting sorely from the soles of his naked feet. ‘Time to dig in and settle down.’ So it was that this one-time wanderer finally sat, twiddled two sticks together in idle distraction, and promptly discovered fire (sort of). What followed shortly thereafter –the hardening of clay pots by heating them in a simple oven, or ‘kiln’ – is known to this day as ‘the first art of fire’.

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Khmer Ceramic Centre & Fine Arts Centre in Siem Reap.
Wo traditionelle Handwerkskunst und bildende Kunst zusammentreffen
August 2012
Siem Reap ist Angkor, und Angkor verbindet man eigentlich eher mit seiner ebenso gewaltigen wie eindrucksvollen Tempelanlage, dem größten Tempelkomplex der Welt, und weniger mit einem Khmer-Keramikzentrum mitten in der Stadt. Eben dieses betreibt aber dort der aus Belgien stammende Serge Rega. Ursprünglich aus dem Catering Service in Brüssel kommend, war Keramik immer schon seine stille Leidenschaft.

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Khmer Ceramic Centre & Fine Arts Centre in Siem Reap.
Made in Cambodia:
The Revival of Khmer Ceramics.
August 2012
CAMBODIA TOURISM MAGAZINE is the only tourism magazine in Khmer and English in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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Singapore Prime Minister
– Mrs Lee –
Singapore Prime Minister Visit Khmer Ceramics
June 2009

Singapore Prime Minister visit the Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre during his holidaying in Cambodia.
Mrs Lee, or Ms Ho Ching, was until recently, the head of Temasek Holdings, which owns and manages the Singapore government’s direct investments, both locally and overseas..

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