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Cambodian products: Inspiration, Reliability, and Beauty

We propose a large range of products and materials; all of them are made by us and are unique. These products are available for individual, hotels, restaurants and resellers. You can find our products at our main workshops in Siem Reap – Angkor; or on our E-shop. You can get special conditions for reseller or restaurant by contacting us.

Our Brand: SAOY Dinnerware (សោយ)

made by Khmer Ceramics Centre


The dinnerware brand Saoy (សោយ) is designed and made by Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre. This Dinnerware stands apart stylistically as it doesn’t look like others worldwide. We have created the way to make highly reliable handmade ceramics; and produce them in sufficient quantity to follow the demand.

Saoy (សោយ) dinnerware is available for individual, hotels, restaurants and re-sellers.

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