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We recommend you to contact us via phone for an immediate assistance.
Hotline from 7 am to 10 pm: 017 843 014. (local time)

We try our best to answer every question below.
PLEASE, read ALL before contacting us.

I didn't receive my pot to my hotel. Did you deliver it?
What is the details of the classes?
How to book a class?
How much for a class?
Your class is suitable for kids?
What time are the classes?
What is the duration of the classes.
Do you have discounts or preferential prices?
Can you change conditions of the potter's privilege card?
How many pots I will make with the Cambodian pottery class?
Once our pot is fired, will it be sent to our hotel or will we have to come by the center to collect it?
How many pots I can take home?
What you will do with the pot we did not take?
When will I get my pot?
Can we make the pottery class if we leave in the same day?
Can I choose the color for my pot ?
Can my pot break during the firing?
Can we take something in the shop if we do not take our pot?
Can we come without Booking?
Do we need to pay the teacher for our class?
Can you ship our pot to our country?
Can we share a class?
Can I take my piece home without firing it?
can I start the class any time?
Can I come to learn for few day in your center?
My question is not mention above. What should I do?