If you are lucky enough to visit Siem Reap in the near future, the Center is a must-see for art lovers, craftsmen, and handmade ceramics lovers.
Indeed, the Center is one of the unique places in Siem Reap which still offers authentic handmade Cambodian handicraft. BONUS: The Center also offers Cambodian pottery that will allow you to make your own travel souvenir.

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This section is dedicated to professional who seeking high-end handmade ceramics.
Khmer Ceramics is a supplier of high-end ceramics located in Cambodia and follows the SA 8000® international standard.
The company is specialized in the manufacturing of handmade ceramics.

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Classes & Activity

pottery-class-in -siem-reap

Have you been dying to learn how to do pottery? Now is your chance with our class in siem reap. This class in siem reap will teach you how to throw a pot on the wheel, from pulling your clay out of the bag to removing your pot from the wheel.
You will learn to make the Angkorian bowl! You will use the potter’s wheel and feel the potter’s sensation, enjoy, have fun with us and be creative at the same time.

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ceramics-painting-class in siem reap

With the ”Painting activity” you will learn to use the potter’s painting tools and learn ceramics painting technics.

You can draw, paint and design what you want on 2 elephant mugs & 2 saucers.
We have many sample, stamps, stencils, and pattern books to help your imagination.

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